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08/09/2016 21:12

July 25, our volunteer group together with youth club have visited children at Regional Cancer Center. For this visit we have been preparing for almost 2 months. Women volunteers have knitted beautiful caps for children, the youth prepared games and entertainment. We did not know children’s age in advance so we have prepared hats and games for children of all ages. When prepared games ended, the youth had no panic, but remembered, what they have played in camps and seminars. Kids had a good mood and played with great enthusiasm. For younger children there was held a workshop. They have painted a carton disc, then it was decorated with bright stickers, brought by volunteers. Caps gifted to children didn’t leave anyone indifferent! Every child had interest to try a fancy cap on. We are very pleased that we were able to give some joy to children, to distract them from constant thoughts about disease, to make this day memorable, bright and kind. We promised to return soon with new exciting games and entertainment.

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