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24/11/2016 15:31

Creativity in all its manifestations is the best way to unite people of different views on life, professions and age in common activity. Relying on this simple truth, volunteers of Cherkassy Volunteer Community opened the

Творчество во всех его проявлениях – это лучший способ объединить за общим делом людей разных жизненных взглядов, профессий и возраста. Опираясь на эту простую истину, Волонтеры Сherkassy Volunteer Community открыли в родном городе клуб “Оч.Ум.Ручки”. Его миссия – дарить тепло тем, кто в ней нуждается, и приобщать к благотворительности все больше и больше людей. Двери клуба всегда открыты для участников и подопечных различных программ Хэсэда. Тут собираются за чаем и душевным общением, а ещё регулярно проводят всевозможные мастер-классы – рисуют, вяжут, клеят и шьют. Результаты совместного творчества также направлены на благотворительность. Созданное своими руками передают в детские дома, семьям вынужденных переселенцев и другим социально не защищённым категориям граждан.

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in their hometown. Its mission is to give warmth to those who need it and to attract more and more people to charity. Participants and wards of various programs of Hesed are always welcomed in this club. Here people forgather with their friends for a cup of tea and for sincere communication, and also carry out various master classes in drawing, knitting and sewing. The results of collective creativity are also given to charity. All handcrafted items are delivered to orphanages, displaced persons and other vulnerable groups of society.

One of the most important areas of focus is dealing with people of so-called “golden age”, that is 55 plus. After retirement many of them remain lonely, feeling distant from the community and forgotten. The necessity of communication and attention brings them to club “DIY”. Volunteers have invented a useful and interesting occupation for their wards – creation of protective amulets. Such souvenirs are filled with aromas and then together with the attached warmest regards are presented to the loved ones. Volunteers believe that the beneficial effect of the manual work and positive atmosphere will surely contribute to the success. At the same time a common understanding between generations is establishing and a sincere friendship is started between many older people. Nice photos and the vast collection of hand-made masterpieces speak for this.