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07/02/2017 20:32


Hanukkah is the light of life, light of hope, light of miracle. On these feast days everybody demands attention. Everyday we prepared Hanukkah doughnuts with the wards and children and then we carried Hanukkah gifts to houses of those people who did not leave their homes and therefore could not celebrate Hanukkah with us.

Every day we had families get together at homes of lonely people to light candles and to celebrate the bright holiday of Hanukkah! Everyone could make a miracle for someone who believes in kindness and mercy!

Let everyone has more bright days in his/ her life! Let the older generation always feel significant for the younger one! We, in our turn, will try to pay more attention to elderly people not only on holidays, but always!

This is how our Hanukkah marathon of miracles passed.