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11/10/2016 14:28

Few days ago in our Volunteer Center there has taken place an unusual meeting of young and old members of the community. Young volunteers interacted with the wards, learned about their interesting and eventful life, their occupations, interests, hobbies and countries which they travel. Teens of youth club immediately found a common language with them. They talked about their grandparents, about family traditions, as well as listened to the stories of older members of the community about their childhood and adolescence,  their parents’ life. Also volunteers have held a master class on quilling. Not only children but also adults liked it, because everybody has a need in self-expression at any age. This kind of creativity improves motor skills, stimulates the cerebral cortex, develops the imagination and spatial thinking, which is necessary both for children and adults. It was not just a master class, it was a warm and touching meeting of two generations spent in communication and pleasant atmosphere.

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