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28/02/2016 15:49

During this short period of time, it has been done many good and necessary things with a charitable purpose. It was prepared and conducted the event for the displaced persons from Eastern Ukraine in the village Krymki, Shpola district, where currently more than 50 people live- they are the families from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. For children and teenagers, it took place the meeting, the theme of which was “Children want to live in warm and calm houses of their own». The theme of the peace is very relevant now, and especially for the kids! Children copied their palms, made of their contours the doves of peace, and then told what the word “Peace” means for each of them. And all of them did it with the great pleasure!


And then the volunteers presented a master class on sculpture from the materials prepared in advance, and it was performed in the technique of “cold porcelain”. The women have done the decorating for themselves. In addition, we gifted to the hosts of the camp, brought with us, baby stuff and books collected in advance. Also, the volunteers performed the master-classes of eco-animals sewing, (the dolls with the natural ingredients inside, smelling of vanilla, cinnamon and coffee). In the family Jewish camp, we have organized an auction where we have sold all the sewn toys and for the earned money we bought the personal hygiene things for the displaced families residing in Cherkassy and region. Such actions of Goodwill were a lot, and the people brought different things for kids and adults, so we hand them in to the displaced persons. Also, it was organized a joint trip, with the displaced people, volunteers, and the youth club Hesed, with an excursion tour around Cherkassy region.


There were held Master classes for the children and adults (families of the displaced persons have participated) for the manufacturing of the mastics and for Rosh-Hashana-the creation of the cooked delicious dishes for the festive table. Also, it was organized the action of the good deeds and we all came together — Hesed volunteers and the community, the youth clubs of Hesed and Sohnut, for the good and necessary activities — we took part in the Jewish cemetery cleaning. It is our responsibility and duty, and it was very pleasant that those who came from Donetsk and Lugansk regions took part in this action, too and currently they live in Cherkassy, as well as teenagers. When we are together, we are force.

In the world, the “trademark” of the volunteer is a hand raised up with an open palm … and we are ready to lend our palm to everyone who needs help and support.