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07/02/2017 20:26

Today is the 18th of December, and we continue rejoicing winter and vacation together with pupils from “The Warm House”. Winter vacation for them is usually cloudy days without entertainments, when it isn’t necessary to go to school and there is no another possibility to go out.

Active youth of the “Volunteer Center” at the Cherkassk charity foundation “Hesed Dorot” together with the volunteers of International Cultural and Educational agency “ICEA” have once again shattered the boring life of “The Warm House” with cheerful games, dances and shrill laughter.

Masters of mehendi have brought with them a little bit of summer and transferred its mood in skillful drawings on the children’s hands. Mehendi is not a winter hobby, but in “The Warm House” it became one of the brightest events. All children were thrilled with the fantastic patterns, especially those who participated in this pastime for the first time.

Volunteers never come empty-handed. This time they have prepared a video of the New Year’s morning performance. Children remembered the holiday with the great pleasure and laughed cheerfully. Outside the window is biting frost, windows are rime-covered, but merry and favorite dances made it hot in “The Warm House”. Some children, maturing, do not feel themselves freely and hesitate to play tricks and relax in dance. But volunteers could create a relaxed atmosphere where all had fun, having forgotten about personality cork and self-doubt. We want to express deep gratitude to the children’s psychologists who have helped us to hold these activities.