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11/10/2016 14:37

September pleases us with last warm days, and many of us choose how to spend long-awaited weekend. But children in orphanages are deprived of such a choice. Their weekends are different from everyday life only with the fact that there are fewer people who could give them attention and warmth.

They remain in the same groups, on the same playgrounds, among usual things. So go weeks, months.

We decided that we can diversify this boring atmosphere in the orphanage. You have no need in special means or opportunities, children welcome any attention.For the second time this week, the volunteers have visited Cherkassy regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation for children “Warm House”. Each meeting begins with acquaintance games. This time it took place through hugging, and we were pleased to see how the children’s faces are shining with smile after each embrace.

Also, volunteers have held several entertaining activities: they taught children how to make different figures out of self-hardening plastic, organized a dance lession and joined all the children in music rhythms.

The meeting ended with popping colorful balloons. All the children had the opportunity to release there “steam” and to burst a balloon. For many children it was the most vivid and memorable entertainment.

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